Reading Race Form and Monitoring The Horse To Bet

Just like the pros, you have to analyze first the horse’s performance which should be over the last two years using the figures in the upper right-hand corner. By this, you would be able to know the track record of the horse to which if it has superb records from the past, or the record of winnings is in ascending order which means that it is a rising star, or it decreases which means it is already aging or the conditioning is not that good at all.

Not only the track record of the horse you are going to consider in here, you also have to take note that the dates of previous races and their outcomes are listed in the first column on the left since that it is still the means of monitoring the background of the horse. Additional thing for this is you also have to take note the location of the race, distance and times of the race, which are shown, respectively, in the next three columns reading left to right since that this will serve as a big factor in determining the winning horse for the race.

In reading the horse racing form, you should be able to learn the classes of the races the horse has run in the next column of the form. You have to find out the speed at which the horse ran in the various races by checking the next column, the faster the progress it indicates, the better it means that the horse is doing well and it is on its way to its prime.

Now, you have to review the following column, this column is what they call as “the company line.” The company line tells you which horse won the race, which placed and which showed in your horse’s previous races, so basically, this is about the review of the statistics of the horses. Then, you have to find out how many horses were in each race in the final column, well some race are only few horses, but most of the time, the starting grid is almost full or even full at all.

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